Wanted: Igor! is a family friendly card game where players must build weird and wonderful creations out of body parts. It was created during the Nordic Game Jam 2013 in 48 hours with a team of 5 people.

Wanted: Igor! is a game based around the central theme of building monsters out of spare parts using cards. Players play as Dr. Frankenstein's assistants and must leave as many marks on the creature as possible in order to claim all the hard work as their own. This is done by attaching the correct body parts to the appropriate torso, but as parts get exchanged in order to keep up, not everybody will have access to the proper body parts.

The game was chosen as one of the top 11 finalists in the Nordic Game Jam 2013, as well as winning Best Sellable Board Game (as can be seen from the Nordic Game Jam's official blog, although it was then called Beast Builder). Wanted: Igor! was an official selection for the IndieCade 2014 Festival, as well as received the Dice Tower's Seal of Approval.

The game was officially self-published by Kvasir Games in January 2014.

EDIT: Wanted: Igor! was mentioned on papskubber.dk.

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