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Tiresias is a puzzle/adventure game made in 48 hours at the Mediterranean Game Jam, Malta in 2014. The game was built as an audio game, meaning that it contained no graphics and players had to rely on sound in order to navigate the environment. This was done with the help of an echo-location mechanic.

Tiresias was awarded second place by popular vote at the Mediterranean Game Jam (by one point!)

The game was built in Unity and was developed by the following people:

  • Yannick Massa: game design, audio direction
  • Johnathan Harrington: writing, game design
  • Francesca Borg Taylor-East: writing
  • Simon Cutajar: programming, audio

Special thanks to the following people who provided recorded dialogue for the game:

  • Yannick Massa
  • Maxine Brimmer
  • Nathan Brimmer
  • Joseph Zammit
  • Daniel Croucher

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