As part of my MSc degree in Games at the IT University of Copenhagen, I wrote a thesis titled Reinterpretation of Music Based on Visual Cues in a Virtual World, where I explored the idea of procedurally generating music that reacted to a player's surroundings in a 3D environment.

The music generation was done by interpreting the results of 1D cellular automata. The music also changed depending on the colours on screen, as well as the speed of the player. An in-depth explanation of the project is given in the thesis documentation.

I was supervised by Dr. Julian Togelius and Dr. Mark J. Nelson.

All the graphics in the game were made by Ioana Marin.

The game may also be played by downloading and extracting the files to a folder on your computer. No installation is necessary.

Download the game.

Download the thesis documentation (PDF, 75 pages).

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