Mindwreck is an arcade style shooter made in ActionScript 3 using Flixel, where you control a spaceship and must defend yourself against oncoming enemies that usually come from the top of the screen. The game was made at the No More Sweden 2012 game jam held in Malmö, Sweden.

I initially based my idea as being a black and white shooter set in someone's imagination, but as the game evolved, it turned into a more cyberpunk themed game.

There are 4 different types of weapons in the game and 4 different enemies. Since this was done during a game jam, the game was made in 48 hours. I created most of the art and all of the sound and music, as well as did the programming for the game. I believe there is still some interesting design space that can be explored in this game, so I hope to continue working on it when I find time.

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