The End Of An Era

And as quickly as it began, it’s all over. 2 years ago, I was on my way to Copenhagen to start my Masters in Games, wondering what lay in store for me. Now, I’ve finished my course, and getting ready to go back home to Malta, and I’ve only just realized how quickly the 2 years went by.

After 2 years, I figured I should at least have a photo of myself outside ITU Copenhagen. Photo by Giulia Attard Navarro.
After 2 years, I figured I should at least have a photo of myself outside ITU Copenhagen. Photo by Giulia Attard Navarro.

I’ve met so many new people (both from the Masters course as well outside it) and learnt so many new things! Overall, it’s been a great experience that I’d be more than willing to recommend to people!

Here are a few highlights from these part 2 years:

  • Making a dice game at the introductory days at ITU, and winning 🙂Dice Dash
  • Pulling my first (but certainly not my last) all-nighter to finish a game. In particular, this was for the game Sun Valve for the Game Design course.
  • Took part in the Nordic Game Jam 2012, made a board game called Mussades, and won 2 awards!
  • Moved house from Vanløse to Amager
  • Got a job with Savivo as a student developer
  • Travelled to Sweden for the No More Sweden game jam
  • Got a job at ITU Copenhagen as a teacher’s assistant
  • Travelled to Vallekilde Højskole for the Exile game jam
  • Attended the TEDxCopenhagen event
  • I’ve travelled to Portsmouth, Edinburgh, Vienna and Budapest
  • Took part again in the Nordic Game Jam 2013, made a card game called Beast Builder and won an award!
  • Finished my thesis, entitled Reinterpretation of music based on visual cues in virtual spaces
  • Formed a company called Kvasir Games

So, what now?

Well, I don’t know actually. I could consider a PhD in Computational Creativity if I wanted (but as much as the subject interests me, I think I need a break from academia for now). I could stay in Copenhagen, since I really enjoy the games scene here, all the relevant events, and continue pushing our board games through Kvasir Games. I could go elsewhere, and find a job in games in other different country completely. I could just take a year off and do something different before I start looking for a relevant job. I could go back to Malta, enjoy a proper summer and find a job there. All of these have been options that I’ve been considering as I got closer and closer to the end of my course, and now that I’m here, I guess I have to pick one 🙂

Right now, I plan to go back to Malta and enjoy a summer there, and we’ll see what happens 🙂

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