Second Year at ITU

The summer is over, and it’s time to go back to school!

Looking back over the past 3-4 months made me aware of how busy I’ve kept myself, and how time flies as a result.

After the end of the second semester at ITU, I decided to find a student job for the summer, and after much trials and tribulations, I landed a student developer position at Mingoville A/S, a Danish e-learning company that focuses on teaching English and Maths to young students. I spent most of my time fixing bugs in the MMO using ActionScript 3, and I was also introduced to new tools such as ANT and Git, which were never really introduced at University. I was also introduced to applications made in Lua for Android and iPhone, as well as working on an admin tool in Javascript and jQuery.

I also started a teaching assistant position at ITU, where I will be helping out with the exercises and lab sessions for the Masters course called Introductory Programming. The course is taught using Java. Today was the first day and it went really well indeed!

Sometimes, things don’t go well though. I decided to take part in the Ludum Dare 24, a game jam whose theme was Evolution. After having no inspiration whatsoever, I decided to make a game around the evolution through mathematical dimensions, using Flixel as my weapon of choice. The game would similar in style to WarioWare, in the sense that it would be made up of a series of small, short games. By the end of the first day, I had finished the 0th dimension level, and was nearly finished with the 1st dimension level (as seen below). However, I ran into problems while working on the 2nd dimension level, and I realized that the 3rd dimension level that I had in mind (which I wanted to implement in 3D), was going to be impossible to complete in a 2D framework in the time constraints of a game jam.

Along with Danish lessons, my regular coursework and the thesis preparation that I must do, this looks like it’s going to be a very busy semester!

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