No More Sweden 2012

Mindwreck at No More Sweden 2012

I recently attended No More Sweden 2012, a game jam held in Malmö, Sweden. The game took place over a weekend and apart from the game jam itself, where people had to make games in 48 hours, the event also featured talks by indie developers as well as massive barbeque. Unfortunately, I missed the talks due to work, and also managed to arrive late at the game jam itself, and therefore ended up without a team. I decided to participate alone and create a game on my own. With the help of an online game idea generator, I settled on the concept of a black and white shooter in somebody’s imagination, which quickly changed into a cyberpunk styled arcade shooter as development progressed.

I decided to make an arcade shooter with enemies coming mostly from the top of the screen. Throughout the 48 hours, I focused mainly on the functionality of the game, creating 4 different weapons and 4 different enemies, as well as allowing the player to switch weapons in what I hoped was an intuitive carousel system. I also implemented most of the graphics and all of the sound effects, as well as 2 short pieces of music for the game.

The game can be played here. No downloads or installations are necessary.

Mindwreck Title Screen

I especially enjoyed No More Sweden since I got to meet so many different indie game developers from all over the place. As expected, most of the people attending the jam were Swedish. Danes were the second largest majority, but the third largest majority was Italians, surprisingly enough.

There were some awesome games made during the game jam too! Shout outs go to my personal favourites: Super Screaming Skull Bros 2 (gameplay trailer), Slem, The Misunderstanding, Cell, and the winner of the jam Bromancing Saga 2: Brofessional Mansassins (download the game here, ZIP file).

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