A Literature Review

Since I’m in my final year, I’m currently undertaking a task that every final year ICT student must take; the thesis. And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

My chosen title is Information Extraction Over the Internet for a Dynamic Game, which involves heavy reading about the semantic web and about content generation in games. However, there are very few papers that combine both topics. One of the main problems I’ve found with the literature review is that I keep finding more and more papers that seem relevant, however, there’s no chance in hell that I’ll have to read and properly understand all of them, especially with more lecturers giving us assignments.

So I’ve decided that I’ll keep around 20 relevant papers in a particular field, and set aside the rest. That should leave me with around 40 papers to read and analyze. I’ve already started taking notes from the papers too, so that the actual writing of the literature review shouldn’t take too long.

Meanwhile, the assignments keep pouring in…

As a side note, I’ve managed to make my website somewhat semantically enabled. If you use a plugin on your browser that allows you to view microformats, you should be able to download an hCard from my website with my contact information. Neat, no?

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