Ever since I came back to Malta after spending 2 years in Denmark, I noticed that although the game development scene in Malta was slowly growing, people still seemed to be disconnected with what was happening locally. People weren’t aware of other people in the country that were also making games. This was especially noticeable when I came to promote the Malta Global Game Jam 2014 as part of the organisational team; since even though we were doing our best to promote the game jam, there were not people that were aware of it!

I figured that something should be done about the situation, and thus, was born. LogoI created the website with the intention of launching a creative hub for anything related to game development in the Maltese islands. I wanted the site to serve as the go-to place for game developers in the Maltese Islands, and for them to be able to find companies and development groups on the island, as well as education, organisations, job opportunities and events.

I built the siteĀ from scratch using HTML5, PHP and Javascript, and was launched at the Institute of Digital Games at the University of Malta on the 5th of May, 2014.

You can visit the site at