Featured Games

PhD Thesis

Automatic Generation of Dynamic Musical Transitions in Computer Games



A puzzle/adventure audio game with an echolocation mechanic and no graphics.


A historically accurate point-and-click adventure game featuring a deaf protagonist.

Echo Teaser Photo


A video game without video that uses client/server socket programming and 3D audio.

Wanted: Igor!

A family friendly card game where players must build creatures out of body parts.


An Arabian themed race-to-the-finish board game using hexagonal tiles.

Other Games

The Landing at Ervindale

An adventure written for D&D5E for a game jam, and released as part of a compilation.

City of Sound - Master's Thesis

MSc Thesis

Reinterpretation of Music Based on Visual Cues in a Virtual World

Coin Knights

A local multiplayer game for Redgrim’s Crime City arcade machine.


An arcade-style cyberpunk themed shooter


A 3D puzzle platformer with no direct combat set in a steampunk circus world.

Sun Valve

Sun Valve

An exploratory narrative game that tackles the moral dilemma of Nozick’s experience machine.