PhD Thesis

As part of my PhD in Computing at The Open University in Milton Keynes, the United Kingdom, I worked on a thesis titled Automatic Generation of Dynamic Musical Transitions in Computer Games. I was supervised by Robin Laney and Alistair Willis.

My thesis explored the use of musical transitions in video games and how they influence the player’s experience during gameplay. One outcome of the thesis is an environment created in Unity that made use of a new transition algorithm that took player interaction into consideration. The algorithm was written in C# and made use of multiple viewpoint systems and Markov models.

A quick overview of my research project, recorded by the Open University

The video below showcases some successful transitions between different types of music in a game environment.

The final dissertation can be downloaded from the Open University Open Research repository here.


Tiresias is a puzzle/adventure game made in 48 hours at the Mediterranean Game Jam, Malta in 2015. The game was built as an audio game, meaning that it contained no graphics and players had to rely on sound in order to navigate the environment. This was done with the help of an echo-location mechanic.

Tiresias was awarded second place by popular vote at the Mediterranean Game Jam (by one point!)

The game was built in Unity and was developed by the following people:

  • Yannick Massa: game design, audio direction
  • Johnathan Harrington: writing, game design
  • Francesca Borg Taylor-East: writing
  • Simon Cutajar: programming, audio

Special thanks to the following people who provided recorded dialogue for the game:

  • Yannick Massa
  • Maxine Brimmer
  • Nathan Brimmer
  • Joseph Zammit
  • Daniel Croucher

The game is available for Windows and Mac, and can be downloaded at https://scutajar.itch.io/tiresias


Hulda is a historically accurate point-and-click adventure game for kids that is set in the Scandinavian settlement period. Players play as Hulda, a young deaf girl who sees visions of an endless winter and an impending Ragnarok, and must travel between the lands of Midgard and Asgard in order to save her village, and the world.

In 2014, Hulda was awarded 10,000DKK by the Danish Film Institute for concept development, and was worked on by the following team to be published by Kvasir Games:

  • Kristín Guðmundsdóttir: Game Designer, Writer
  • Embla Vigfúsdóttir: Artist
  • Simon Cutajar: Programmer

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MSc Thesis

City of Sound - Master's Thesis

As part of my MSc degree in Games at the IT University of Copenhagen, I wrote a thesis titled Reinterpretation of Music Based on Visual Cues in a Virtual World. I was supervised by Dr. Julian Togelius and Dr. Mark J. Nelson.

My thesis explored the idea of procedurally generating music that reacted to a player’s surroundings in a 3D environment. The music generation was done by interpreting the results of 1D cellular automata. The music also changed depending on the colours on screen, as well as the speed of the player.

All the graphics in the game were made by Ioana Marin.

An in-depth explanation of the project is given in the thesis documentation.

The game may also be played by downloading and extracting the files to a folder on your computer. No installation is necessary.

Download the game.

Download the thesis documentation (75 pages).