Undergraduate Thesis: Information Extraction Over the Internet for a Dynamic Game

My final year project as part of my B.Sc. (Hons.) ICT degree from the University of Malta was called Information Extraction Over the Internet for a Dynamic Game. I was supervised by Dr. Alexiei Dingli.

Undergraduate Thesis

The thesis was an exploratory project that attempted to combine information extraction, ontologies and video games into a working system. We used these technologies in order to extend the replayability of a video game by introducing weapons that were not hard coded in the game. These were retrieved from Wikipedia articles.

More information can be found by reading the review paper, and an in-depth explanation of the project is given in the thesis documentation.

The game may also be played by downloading and extracting the files to a folder on your computer, and then double-clicking on the setup.exe file. The rest of installation should proceed normally.

Download the game installer.

Download the review paper (6 pages).

Download the thesis documentation (130 pages).

Download the whole thesis (including source code, required files and all documentation).

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