City Simulator

City Simulator is a simulation of the movement of people in a city. Written in C#, this program was created as part of an assignment for my CCE3501 – Computer Modelling and Simulation credit.

For my simulation, the city was assumed to be a 10×10 grid. People walking around in the city had 3 hours to visit the locations of their choice. Each person could visit an attraction only once (and could visit only 1 cafe, shop and park). The simulation took into account the walking speed of the person and the block size of the city, as well as how long the person stayed at the chosen location.

The simulation then displays a layout of the most used roads in city using an intuitive colour map. Rarely used roads are coloured in gray, while uncommonly used roads are coloured in black. Frequently used roads are thicker in size. Overused roads are coloured red, while critical roads are coloured magenta.

I also included a city editor, where people could make their own cities to be used in the simulator.

Since the program was intended to be a short assignment, it is inevitably incomplete and may contain some unintended bugs.

Download the city simulator.

Download the city I used for my assignment.

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