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Hi! I’m Simon Cutajar!

[pronounced sai-muhn ku-tie-yar]

I’m a 24 year old student from the sunny European island of Malta. I recently completed a Masters of Science Degree in Media Technology and Games [cand.it Medieteknologi og spil, or M.Sc IT] at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. I also hold a Bachelors of Science, Honours Degree in Information and Communications Technology [B.Sc (Hons) ICT] from the University of Malta.

I’m a games developer, a programmer, a musician and a photographer.

I co-founded Kvasir Games, a games company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I also founded GameDev.com.mt, a website that serves as a central hub for game development in the Maltese Islands.

I wield the sun. I wear shoes that are several sizes too big for me. I play the drums. I like wearing hats. People have trusted me with sharp pointy things. I lie down randomly in the street. I’m a singer. I like trying new things. I like wearing hats. I climb trees for a better view of the world. I enjoy taking photos at awkward angles. I try to save the world, one bit at a time. I like travelling to obtain new experiences. I make cocktails and coffees, but I don’t drink either. I try to reach for the stars. I write down my ideas in a notebook that I carry at all times. I collect flags of the places I’ve been to.

I believe life is a learning experience.

My professional interests include games development, procedural content generation, computational creativity, mobile environments, persuasive and serious games, educational games, music, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

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